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Blowers are the next alternative when our largest Linear Piston Air Pumps or Diaphragm Pumps will not suffice with adequate air volume for larger Fish Rooms. The smallest blower we now carry is a  .29 HP unit which can handle upwards of 100 outlets in moderately deep tanks. Blowers smaller than this do not have adequate pressure to supply air to deep tanks and in most cases our Linear Piston Air Pumps will outperform the smallest blowers (such as 1/8 HP). Since a piston has a fixed volume of air capacity due to the physical size of the cylinder and the maximum strokes per minute possible, there comes a point where large air requirements can not be met economically with the piston design (purchase cost of multiple piston units. Although Linear Piston Pumps have better pressure ratings than small Blowers, their output does not fall off as sharply as pressure increases over 1 PSI. Air distribution systems can be designed using 3/4” or 1” PVC pipe with the Linear Piston Pump. Regenerative Blowers are more like wind machines with  the ability to attain moderate pressures (due to the “regenerative” action of impeller/housing design) on the mid to larger sized units (1/3 HP+) and will produce extremely large volumes of air with the appropriate distribution system design. Note that even minimal restrictions in piping, air valves, airstones (if used) and dirty or undersized intake filter all will contribute to added back pressure on any air source. Therefore, water depth alone is not the only criteria that should be considered when selecting the correct Blower / Air pump. Minimum pipe size we recommend for smaller Blowers is 1 1/4” PVC with as few and gradual (shallow radius) turns where possible and utilizing a looped pipe system.

If a Blower is not being used to capacity, excess air should be “bled off”. Opening a large valve until desired flow is achieved is usually adequate, but more precise control and best efficiencies are obtained if a meter or a sensitive low pressure gauge is used to check lowest current draw or correct air pressure. Use our Bleed Exhaust Diffusers to reduce noise and control amount of air to bleed.

Better quality Blowers will provide good pressures while maintaining design flow rates. Good impeller and housing design provide lower noise levels than lesser grade machines. Superior motor construction will provide for longest life expectancy (MTBF). These are some of the criteria we used when deciding on our Blower line. As in all of our products we feel that buying quality pays off with “less aggravation, less maintenance and higher efficiencies”.


.29 HP Blower0.29 HP Blower:
Output: 11 CFM & 241 watts @ 1 PSI,
20 cfm & 188 watts @ 14"
11 cfm & 241 watts @ 27”
max water depth 30”*
nameplate amps: 2.6 A @ 115V
115/208/230 Volt 50/60hz TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 3600 RPM motor.
NOTES: Compared to smaller 1/8 and 1/4 HP Blowers our .29 HP unit has higher output for a lower price, plus  improved design features such as an outboard bearing and quiet running design. A good small Blower suitable for applications where a fixed volume Linear Piston or Diaphragm pump will not be adequate.

RBSE3a250p 1/3 HP Blower:
The finest Blower in its class!
Special Outboard bearing for minimizing radial stresses on bearings and runs cooler providing longer bearing life! Highest quality construction throughout. This German engineered and German made Blower can outperform and outlast other comparably sized Blowers.


Output: 35 CFM @ 0 PSI
24 cfm & 336 watts @ 14” (0.5 PSI)
18 cfm & 376 watts @ 27” (1 PSI)
9 cfm & 436 watts @ 40” (1.5 PSI)
max water depth 45”*
Nameplate Amps: 4.6 A, 115V
115 / 230 Volt 60hz TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 3600 RPM motor
Class F Insulation, UL Listed, CE Compliant, DIN VDE 0530

Features unique to this machine are:
Outboard Bearing - supports impeller to minimize stress and heat which leads to motor bearing failure on other models. Provides virtually maintenance-free operation.
Special Pressure Die Cast Impeller and Blower Housing requires large tooling investment to manufacture and provides a far better metalurgical density  for these important components than other manufacturer’s “Sand Casting designs”. Results in lower operating noise levels with less vibrations and better longevity.
Blower Engineered Electric Motor made specifically for the design requirements of this machine. This assures all parameters of the motor are made to match the Blower’s requirements. In other words, the motor is made for the right application from the start, not an off the shelf component made by another manufacturer and selected as an approximate fit. This unit’s motor has internal thermal overload protection and is designed for the utmost in operating efficiencies for the Blower it runs.
NOTES: Every aspect of this Blower speaks - German engineering and manufacturing! Larger sizes are also available in this design see RBSE-.6 below.

RBSEZ04-250pwm0.38 HP Blower:
MODEL #RBSEZ-04 = $475.00
Output: 42 CFM & 290 watts @ 0” water depth,
31 cfm & 320 watts @ 14"
21 cfm & 401 watts @ 27”
13 cfm & 493 watts @ 40”
max water depth 40”*
nameplate amps: 5.0 A @ 115V
115/208/230 Volt 50/60hz TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 3600 RPM motor,
NOTES: Comparable to above RBSEZ-03 0.29 HP machine, with slightly larger motor and blower chamber provides additional air volume for similar motor size. Outboard bearing and TEFC motor provides reliable efficient design.

RBSJ04-front250pwm0.4 HP Blower:
MODEL #RBSJ-04 = $425.00
NEW Model - Expressly designed for Aquatics/Aquaponics

Output: 45 cfm @ 188 watts @ 0”
37 cfm & 278 watts @ 14"
29 cfm & 366 watts @ 27” (1 PSI)
14 cfm & 572 watts @ 54” (2 PSI)
nameplate amps: 110V, 6.0A
110 Volt, 60hz TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 3600 RPM motor, max water depth 50”*

NOTES: This mini powerhouse can be used for deeper tanks than other Blowers in its class. Power curve designed to match common water depths in fishroom applications. Where most small Blowers fall short or labor at the edge of their capacities, this machine is running in its sweet spot. Designed using the latest technologies for Regenerative Blowers; including outboard bearing and quiet running compact TEFC motor. Call us to make sure the machine suits your application. We have the knowledge and desire to make sure you get the correct Blower for your needs.

ImageNotAvail5/8 HP Blower:
Excellent performance and reliability pr
ovides power for hundreds of outlets at superior cost/output ratio. Outboard bearing design and complimentary motor design as found in more expensive European models.

0.67 HP @ 60Hz
6.0 Amps 110V/60Hz
57 CFM @ 0 PSI
37 CFM @ 20”
28 CFM @ 40”
max 57" water depth (2 PSI)
TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor
Class F Insulation, CE Compliant

RBSEZ065/8 HP Blower:
Better grade import provides power for hundreds of outlets at excellent cost/output ratio. Outboard bearing design and complimentary motor design as found in more expensive European models.

0.6 HP @ 60Hz
6.0 Amps 115V/60Hz, 3.0 Amps 230/60Hz
35 CFM, 991 LPM  @ 1 PSI
20 CFM, 481 LPM @ 1.5 PSI
max 56" water depth (2 PSI)
TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 3600 RPM motor
Class F Insulation, UL Listed, CE Compliant



RBSJ-110a-250pwm0.8 HP Blower:
Model RBSJ-08 = $570.00

Output: 64 cfm @ 0”
53 cfm @ 30”
45 cfm @ 40”(1.5 PSI)
max water depth: 52”*
nameplate amps: 120V/230V, 9.8A/4.9A

NOTES: Unique sizing provides power for over a 1000 outlets at excellent cost/output ratio. Outboard bearing design and complimentary TEFC motor design.

RBSJ110-250p1.1 HP Blower:
Model RBSJ-110 = $625.00

Output: 71 cfm @ 0”
56 cfm @ 27”
46 cfm @ 40”(1.5 PSI)
max water depth: 72”*
nameplate amps: 120V/230V, 9.0A/4.2A

NOTES: Higher power from modified motor design will provide similar output as above machine to increased water depths. Outboard bearing design and complimentary TEFC motor design.

RBSJ127-250p1.27 HP Blower:
Model RBSJ-127 = $720.00

Output: 88 cfm @ 0”
81 cfm (~2300 LPM) @ 20”
62 cfm @ 40”(1.5 PSI)
max water depth: 64”*
nameplate amps: 110V/220V, 11.6A/5.8A

NOTES: Large series machine with added volume. Motor sized to provide best power/economy ratio for aquatics use. Will service ~1500 standard aquarium outlets at moderate depths. Outboard bearing design and complimentary TEFC motor design.

1.75 HP Blower: Larger capacity Blower for the multiple room installations or larger Stores.

Specs: Output:
103 cfm @ 0”
76 CFM @ 27”
67 cfm @ 40”
max water depth: 76”*
14 Amps, 115V, 7 amps 230V AC
115 / 230 Volt 60hz TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 3600 RPM motor. UL & CE listed

NOTES: Quiet running with high efficiency motor with outboard bearings.

RBSJ-2-250p-wm2 HP Blower: Better pressure than above machine with similar volume.

MODEL RBSJ-2 = $744.00
88 cfm @ 0”
71 cfm @ 30”
59 cfm @ 50”
40 cfm @ 70”
max water depth: 80”
230 Volt 60hz single phase, 7.8A

NOTES: Large machine with higher pressures will provide similar output as to above machines with increased water depths. Outboard bearing design and complimentary TEFC motor design.

Useful for deeper applications such as ponds or large holding vats.

Alternative machines for 2 stage Blowers or Rotary Vane pumps, while using less electricity than these machines

230VAC 50/60 hz (some de-rating at 50 hz)

0.8 HP High Pressure Regenerative Blower
35 cfm @ 0”
26 cfm @ 20”
23 cfm @ 40”
17 cfm @ 70”
11 cfm @ 100”
128” max

1.5 HP High Pressure Regenerative Blower
48 cfm @ 0”
42 cfm @ 20”
36 cfm @ 40”
31 cfm @ 60”
20 cfm @ 100”
15 cfm @ 120”
11 cfm @ 140”
140” max

1.75 HP High Pressure Regenerative Blower
62 cfm @ 0”
56 cfm @ 20”
49 cfm @ 40”
43 cfm @ 60”
32 cfm @ 100”
27 cfm @ 120”
23 cfm @ 140”
157” max depth

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